Who is she?

Just a girl…

A girl who enjoys the art of her lips moving and can’t seem to make it stop. A girl who loves with ALL her might. A kind hearted, soft, mushy, emotional and free spirited girl who wouldn’t hurt a soul. A girl who don’t smoke, or don’t drink (not even Margaritas). A girl  who loves to smile and laugh. A girl who can have a good time just by looking at other people’s joy. A girl who loves Jeeps, Jeep Wranglers to be exact 🙂 A energetic, fun, SPONTANEOUS, exciting, girl who knows how to control the 23 emotions she feels at once. A girl who would rather go hoop (play basketball) to release her stress than to take Tylenol or Advil. A girl who eats whatever she likes without counting calories. A girl who hates to sweat, but loves sweat pants. A girl don’t like taking medicine. A girl who has been to 39 states in the U.S.A, and counting. A girl that SERIOUSLY have EVERYWHERE on her “where to travel to list.”


A girl who actually believes in True love. A girl who wants to get married and make her husband the happiest man on the planet. A Girl who’s scared of having kids because she will want her family to be together FOREVER.

A girl that decided to escape the real word, the horrid crimes, the speeding tickets, the pot holes, the hatred, and the fake Instagram million dollar pictures from others who still lives with their parents. A girl thats been in the United States her whole entire life, but have decided start over. A girl who wanted a new aspect of life. A girl who wanted to move out the country to live surrounded by peaceful vibes, honest beliefs. A girl who felt that moving would aid in revamping her life, so she did it.


A girl that just simply needed a break from the lies and  fake smiles from those who mattered most.  A girl who believes in forgiveness an self growth. A girl who has patience. A girl who believes in making one better.

A girl who knows and acknowledge ALL of her flaws. A girl who believe she is so far from perfect, its scary. A girl who loves video games, popcorn, car talks, and long walks on the beach.

A girl who thinks its cool to document her life, thoughts, beliefs and travels. ( Nothing like the blair witch project, so don’t go getting all creeped out on me.)

Work For It!

A girl who understand what it means from personal experience “STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM”A girl who seriously came from the mud. A girl who isn’t lazy, and will work for what she wants.

A girl who only needs 3.5-4 hours of sleep to be fully functional. A girl who wakes up on level 10. A girl who eats to live, not live to eat.

A saleswoman, a people’s person, a entrepreneur, a Aunt, a Grand-daughter, a Big Sister, an Ex-Actress & Model, an EX- Girlfriend, and a girl who just wants to be happy.

A girl who don’t care about where she has been, but only where she is going.

A girl who wont question your past, as long as it doesn’t negatively affect her future.

A girl thats grown into a Woman, but because of her mistakes, trials, and errors, she honestly know she is still learning like a girl…



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