Perfectly, imperfect 

Have you ever been so deep in love that you wasn’t yourself?? Have you ever just payed too much attention to the cruel world around you, so much that you couldn’t even focus on what you have going on? Have you ever thought to yourself “Things aren’t going right
but you didn’t know exactly wasn’t going right? YUPPPPP, that’ll describe me too, so don’t feel bad. In this world we are programed to pay attention to the world around us, and live accordingly. We are told to be a Leader, not a follower, but yet we have to follow all the ridiculous un written rules about life. We are told how to live, what to eat, and how to act. What do we get out of it? NOTHING.

I’m a free spirited, loving, caring, energetic, fun, exciting, emotional, basketball lover, ex Actress & Model, Aunt, Grand-daughter, Big Sister, and travel junkie that decided to escape the real word and move out the country and document her every thoughts. Nothing like the blair witch project, so don’t go getting all creeped out on me.

Happy, sad, funny. Sweet, kind, crazy. Tips, Sexual, and whatever else comes to mind.

“You ready B? ”




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