Just a girl…

A girl who enjoys the art of her lips moving and can’t seem to make it stop. A girl who loves with ALL her might. A kind hearted, soft, mushy, emotional and free spirited girl who wouldn’t hurt a soul. A girl who don’t smoke, or don’t drink (not even hookah and Margaritas). A girl  who loves to smile and laugh. A girl who can have a good time just by looking at other people’s joy. A girl who loves Jeeps, Jeep Wranglers to be exact🙂 A energetic, fun, SPONTANEOUS, exciting, girl who knows how to control the 23 emotions she feels at once. A girl who would rather go hoop (play basketball) to release her stress than to take Tylenol or Advil. A girl who eats whatever she likes without counting calories. A girl who hates to sweat, but loves sweat pants. A girl don’t like taking medicine. A girl who has been to 39 states in the U.S.A, and counting. A girl that reallyhave EVERYWHERE on her “where to travel to list.”


A girl who actually believes… continue reading  HERE


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