Today’s Food & Shit

Usually I’d have a side eye about the food, but today is my happy day. REGULAR FOOD!!! 😁☺️😀
Rice is rice, but the second dish is always what gets to me. 

Yesterday when I said I liked the rice, this lady said it is vey bad and hard. I was thinking my head lady you trippen. But then this is also coming from a person who don’t cook. *picks up chopsticks to eat rice* yup seems soft to me!!    

                       I’m slowly learning in China that things are not always what they may seem to be. It’s really not that bad. (Well for me yet at least) 

The meat, I’m assuming this is bacon. But you know what, in CHINA, NEVER ASSUME!!! And again, THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM!! 

Chicken isn’t always chicken for example. 

Did you notice I don’t have a drink? Yea, about that. Here, SOUP is a drink. Yes you read that right. They DO NOT do cold drinks! They serve soup which here is like chicken broth, hot. That soup, which is usually just juice with chicken feet at the bottom, is what you are to drink. 

I read horror stories on Wechat- the social media of China, about how dirty their place was, or even how horrible the school is. Good thing my place is amazing!!! 

Speaking of which, I ordered these little wall decals and I LOVE THEM!! They came in today! I feel that in order to make my stay more pleasant, I have to get use to my house and make my apartment feel like HOME. 

Rugs (which they call carpet), wall decals,  and even phone accessories are all things I feel is a must have. 

I LITERALLY JUST finished putting up these stickers like 2.77 seconds ago. Haha

The pink cord thing you see is an attachment I clip to my head board, and it holds my phone for me. It’s really great for Netflix, watching tv, videos, and for the kids. Best 29 RMB I’ve SPENT YET! 

I have another set, it’s some type of tree with pink things coming off, I hope this doesn’t take as long as the flowers to put up. The flowers came in small parts that were numbered like 1-20 something. Talk about following directions, geesh. 

Above is the second wall decal project. By the way, this is also how the other one came. It looks smaller than it really is. 

I ordered a rug, but the. Site in ordered it from is in Chinese, so I really don’t know when the hell its coming. I honestly don’t even bother to check the shipping here because it’s a hassle trying to get someone to translate it for me . 

Well, I have to go check the mail, for the third time today. Each time they said a package was here, it really wasn’t so I had to walk REALLLY FAR for nothing. #pissedoffsweatygirlofcolor



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