You have to ….

You have to learn to be yourself, no matter who and what you’re surrounded by. At the end of the day, self happiness is the only thing that can make or brake you … YOUR self happiness.

Never let anyone still your joy.

Find a positive outlook in every situation. (like I tell my niece, do not say CAN’T, thats not a real word.)

Know, some people are just STUPID. They are put on this Earth to upset you, do not let these STUPID people get the dubb (the WIN)

It’s times I have lost my cool (inside my head) LMFAO PLENTY of times. I just smile, curse them out in my head, and keep it moving. I feel so much more relieved knowing that I just cursed they ass out, while smiling… and they AINNNN EVEN KNOW IT! #bam

Joc with the WIN!!



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