BEACH VIEW + Asian girlfriend, Russian boyfriend =

Freaking trouble.

So when I first arrived in China, like the first week to be exact. The admission lady who helped me come down here said that I can come with her for the weekend because she’s going to the beach. I said OK perfect, i love the water, it’s peaceful, relaxing, I love the beach and plus I didn’t have a new phone yet-so I need a Wi-Fi because Wi-Fi wasn’t set up at my apartment at this time. I was happy, I was really really excited about going to the beach. Really I’m like a beach in China? That’s why I was really happy.

She told us it takes 3 hours, but come to find out it took 5.5 oh we’re we pissed. She has a little hybrid looking car. They guy who was in the front had the seat all the way back cause he’s tall, and she was driving and have her seat al the way back. I’m not short for your info. I’m 5’8. My Height in addition to all the things that were in the back seat called for a prayer.
Finally, after bad driving from her, her so ready to get there she was scratching herself like a crack head wanting crack, and many toll roads and nasty bad gas stations…. We made it! 

This place was beyond BEAUTIFUL!!!! I was so happy that I came!

We walk upstairs into these nice condos, and surprise surprise.

This was her freaking boyfriend’s house. She told us her family was going there, as a vacation. But the whole time, it was her going to see her boyfriend for the weekend.  Her boyfriend was Russian, and so were his friends and his roommate. Nothing wrong with Russians, I’m just trying to let you know the language barriers that were to come.

Okay let’s back things  up a little, she told me I would have a room to sleep, ALONE, and other Foriegner that was with me would sleep on the couch because he was the guy. Keep in mind the guy who was with us is 6’9.

Well when I get there I was to sleep on the couch, and he was to sleep on the porch/balcony, whatever! But the thing that Was tripping me out was THEY WANTED HIM TO SLEEP OUTSIDE on this wood bench with no seating cushion!!! Wtf! Now if you’re from where I’m from, we don’t sleep outside. Hell freak No! Not only do we not sleep outside, but especially not on hard wood. People look at me weird when I fall asleep in the car, and that’s a car!

Anyhow, the first day there, they took us upstairs to the friend’s place. They said he has a extra bedroom and I can sleep there or vise versa. We go up there, it’s 3 Asian girls with a big ASS HAIRY white dog, on the porch eating CRAWFISH! Bahahahaha !!

I said “Is that crawfish!? They said no, it’s small crabs. I was like oh dang, they looked just alike. They offered me some, and like a fool, I accepted! Smh

*look closely at the crawfish, the other bag back there is chicken feet.* 😩

Oh my HOLY SHIT!! (I like the curse word shit, so get use to it. WordPress is the one place I can say shit all I want, with out getting in trouble, fired, or looked at like I actually have shit on my face)

These darn things were HOT! Spicy hot! Slap your momma HOT! Drink some cold water, put an ice cube or two on your tongue, and even use a paper towel to wipe your taste buds off- HOT!! Now I’m pissed off again. My mouth hot as hell and it wasn’t even anything to drink, like water or tea, to take the pain away. These cheap paper towels/napkins Everyone keeps on them wasn’t going to work. They were so cheap that as soon as I attempted to put it on my tongue to get the flavor off, it melted the same way as when I ate cotton candy. JUST GREAT!

Finally, one of the Asian girls bring fruit. Cantaloupe cut up on a white tray wrapped in plastic. Now usually, after I seen the dog I wouldn’t accept anyone’s food, but considering my mouth felt like it had a 3rd degree burn like when your coffee or hot chocolate too hot and you still try to drink it, I considered breaking my rules. I ate the fruit, which had more seeds than cantaloupe by the way- and come to find out wasn’t cantaloupe, but who cares at this point.

aghhh, Now I’m good.

By this time my co worker and her boyfriend comes back with the food for us they went to get and they are fighting. Fussing. Yelling. All that. Mind you she is Chinese and he is Russian. They both can hardly speak English, but that’s the only language they have to talk to each other in. They are yelling at each other pronouncing words wrong, so wrong that I can hardly make them out. So this shit is now giving me a headache.

She mad because it’s 3 Asin girls, 4 including her, and it’s 3 Russian guys. Basically she know that the 3rd girl was for her boyfriend to play with lmao

That pic above is her boyfriend. He don’t like to work a real job, he don’t like structure. He freelance doing things to get money for his half of the rent. He always tell her he don’t have any Chinese money, he only have US money. When she told me that, I was liken it he’s not Ben from the US. Lmao I believe she said he is like 36.

She was so mad she said we are leaving tomorrow! I’m like LOOK AT GOD! After I saw the living arrangements that were for me, I couldn’t be happier to leave.

He heard her say that and snatched her outside. My mind is blown. The guy who is with me, Travis is from Portland, he not use to seeing stuff like this. Lol

*sode note* everyone is drinking wine* besides me ofcourse, i dont drink

Long story short they come in cool, or atleast tried to act like it, then take us back to her boyfriend’s apartment. Basically they made up and she decided we wasn’t leaving.

Now it’s time to shower.

Walked in the shower, the shower and the bathroom are together. So the bathroom floor wet!

I had to take off my shoes at the door, and can’t put on my socks cause they would get wet too. Not only that but when I asked for a dry off towel, they searched to find one, smelled it, and said this is clean. Oh my SHITness. haha

Like a shit face, I smelled it too. Smh if this was clean I would hate to smell a dirty one.

I ended up drying off with my cloth dress I had on.

And to think this was only day  flipping one.


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