Have you ever just got all sexy and shit for nothing? 

I was in the shower, bored. I always take lo showers but this time was different… I actually ran out of thoughts. What THE WHAT!? Anyone that knows me personally, knows this doesn’t happen to me. After an uncomfortable while of being blank, I grabbed my hi was phone where music is free and started the madness. First person that came to mind was WEEKND. Man, this man should get all the ass in the world. He raps about drugs, sex, get fuvked up, more drugs, and hoes. But shit man, he makes it sound so darn SEXY!!! 

So I get out feeling all good, mind you it’s like 4am. We are on a 9 day Holliday/ vacation, so I’m up LIKE A BOSS! 

I was tired of doing my hair ever day so I braided this shit. Shit already wet and shit, from the shower, so my sexy-ness is on full thot mode. SELFIE TIME!!!!!

I put on some black Victoria secret, lay down the baby hairs, then get to work. 

After the first few pics, I’m on one! *drake’s voice* 

I think I have the hang of this. I did a snapchat video to make sure, before I uploaded to my Instagram 



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