I think they tried to poison me today… 

I think that the drink I had the other day was the best drink ever. Lol it taste so good to have something other than hot soup or hot ass, burn your mouth water. Yeah, I did think it was nasty but after thinking about it… It’s better for me than tea water.

Anyhow, being the only black in town, they remembered me. Lmao 

I decided to sit there for a while because it was hot as HELL outside. I was not was Not About to walk back and sweat. Not in this grey shirt, no ma’am. 

I sat down with my cool drink and just looked around. The got my tablet out to write down a few things, until I realized I couldn’t focus. They were having too much fun over there with out me. 

They were nice. They were playing cards. I painfully watched them for like 60 whole minutes struggling to shuffle.but hey they were having fun and that’s all that matters.

So I get the balls to walk over there, and just sit there with them. Lmfaooooo now there are looking like what hell she have going on. I watch what game they are playing to try to understand. I’m like what they hell, it was like a complicated calculus version of matching cards. 

Okay game over, they stack the cards like they were about to shuffle, hit the cards 3 times then dealt again. I’m furious now. 

After that game was done, I hurried and grabbed the cards, and shuffled. I felt like a pro! They were watching and one of them said wow! Lol I’m like yeah, LIKE A BOSS! 

Haha now all that just to play pitty pat. Lmao we played one game then they caught on. (Mind you they spoke NO ENGLISH) so it was just a lot of hand no movements going on. Lmao 

This is the owner. I would say she’s nice but i don’t know. Lmao we didn’t hold a conversation lol just smiled. 

We played a few games and she kicked our butt’s. Smh I suck at cards and gambling. Then,  To rub it in, she counts how many times she won. “Won, tu, tree, fa, hive, sis. I won Sis times!” Me only winning one game, I’m like and she said she can’t speak English. But she remember how to speak when it’s time to talk trash. 

Now it’s a young one here, she speaks English some what. Have to talk really slow but it was better than just constantly translating things on my phone and handing it off. After a while of the phone thing with slow internet connections,Felt like we were texting each other while we’re next to each other…  Just painful

Like off the movie “Don’t be a menace to society while drinking juice in the hood” Lmao 

Now I was about to leave and they asked me to stay for dinner. I was like okay, sure. 








Yal know SHIT my favorite curse word. Lol 

Have you ever tried something for the first time? But the food you tried look absolutely delicious!? And you tasted the shit was A-1 disgusting? Yeah me too. 

On to the next dish. Chicken soup. I couldn’t see the chicken but I’m like okay, I’ll just drink the juice and say I’m done. Did that. Yuck. So I noticed when the juice was low, it was something black in My soup. 

Oh my HOLY SHIT!!! I picked it up with my chopsticks to make sure I wasn’t trippen. I didn’t know if it was a dirty piece of chicken or a darn dinosaur!! In my head, I threw up! 

Not only was it black, but I touched the skin and it was THICK! Thicker than a person with some nappy ass pubic hair who don’t believe in shaving, THICK!!! 

Thick like a person that wear a size xxxl but consider themselves curvy, THICK! They told me it was a different kind of chicken, Black chicken and it was silk chicken. NO SHIT!? I turned religious real quick and thought to myself, THOU SHALL NOT EAT SILK CHICKEN. I needed a way out.

They notice me touching it and inspected it closely and tell me I don’t have to eat it. I said oh I know! 

They said you want rice or noodles, I said noodles. They brought them out and they smelled like shit. I tried them and had to hold my breath while sucking them up, like your first time giving head before ever watching porn movie. You know they were nasty when even after holding my breathe I can still taste them. I never had this much time faking anything. I think it’s 20 times easier faking an orgasm from someone that’s so sweet and care for you so much, (with a small di*k, then to fake that I liked and enjoyed the food.

I instantly go look on the menu and ask do they have any thick drink. Lmao seriously. I translated to her I need a thick drink that’s chocolate bahahaha 

I knew they wouldn’t complain about me spending money at their store. I gulped the hell out of that drink, and said this is great! They happy now lol 

What I learned today? Free food is not always the best food. 



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