I’m at my favorite drink place again!!! 

But this time, I came prepared!! I have my own food!!!! No silky black thick chicken for me!!! I went ahead and by passed this shop first, and ordered my food from the place I always order at. I ordered the exact same thing, as I always get. I had enough surprises for this week. 

I ordered wonton soup. Here, it’s no fancy togo boxes. They out it in a plastic bag, then put it in a bowl, and on the outside its another plastic bag to carry it in.  

Let me tell you about this born blonde.(me) I decide to drink the juice, like they do here… And 2 things. 1, it’s in a plastic bag, so everytime I try to drink I get a mouth full of plastic. (Sucking power on full affect) smh

  • And 2, while I’m bending over to put my soup coolers to the bowl, my darn hat almost tip into my wonton soup!!!! Omg I was going to be PISSED! My new hat I wore and my delicious ass soup. Really?

By the way, that green backpack at the top of the page is waterproof backpack. I will honestly say invest in one. You can be walking and it rains so hard while the sun is out. Guess what’s messed up? Everything in your backpack including your passport and phone. Yup, just that easy. 

This is something no one told me about, I found out the hard way. 


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