Shit man, I’ve had my first case of a stalker!

Okay, here we go again. I think starting a blog was the best thing that could have happened to me since I’ve been … away.

For those of you who don’t know, Wechat is the SHIT here!!! Its like a Facebook , tumblr, pintrest, and all that shit.

Okay, not really. Its basically like a whatsapp / (slash) facebook messaging. you have to say slash, it actually sounds better. But its like the beautiful mixed child who gets treated like shit, because they came along last. The newsfeed isn’t all out in the open like facebook or instagram, shit… or twitter. yeah lets just not compare it to any of the Social Media in the US. That shit is just different.

ANYHOW, I was TRYING to say that to say, its actually really private. Its like Asians dont do privacy, UNTIL it comes to social media? wth! So when a guy is being thirsty, its NO WAY OF BEING ABLE TO TELL. You can see his comments. Messaging is like whats app. And you cant even find people on there unless you’re in the same group or you type their EXCAT info in. Its a group on there, Americans in China, someone added me to which we are both in. From there he added me as a friend. Okay, no biggie. We had convo, via this app for like 4-5 days. NOTHING long. LiKE always, it started off slow. Then this little shit face asked to iMESSAGE me. Im thinking, what the hell you need to iMESSAGE me for, when you can message me on here. He must want my damn icloud email. BUT HOLUP! Dude didnt even ask me IF I had an iPHONE, its like he already knew it.

I told him no, simple. Then then the next day he asked do i listen to music. I said no. He still made a way to attempt to get my icloud.. His shitty ass said “My family and I hav an account that we can add you too. All i need is your email and you can listen to unlimited music all you want for free” im like NIGGGGAAAAAAAAAAA. 

Soon as I said well, he said oh okay im sorry. At first when he would always apologize, it was kind of cool. then i noticed he would do at atleast 107.9 times a day. That shit got annoying real fast.

Within these few days, he manage to urk my nerves 99 ways. He asked did I believe in God. He told me he prayed min of a hour a day. I was like thats great! (i really was happy, especially since I’m TRYING to live a better life.) He asked me when was the last time i been to church. NOW, on this one, I HAD TO TEXT MY SISTER. BTW my sister is engaged to a preacher. lmao I texted her cause i was thinking her memory will be better than mine.

THINK AGAIN. SHE said I think the last time you been to church was AWANA DAYS. (BIBLE STUDY FOR WHITE KIDS) at the time. I said HELL NAW!!! That was not the last time I been. I went in 2008!!!!! “REALLY YAYA!?” lmfao 2008 was better than the 99 and the 2thousands, shit. I texted my homegirl (who’s like a loving version of the cartel) and she quick boy. She’s so quick on her toes, she said tell him the last time you been to church was the Sunday before you left! LMAOOOOOO (GOTTA LOVE HER)

But i DECLINED! i told him IDK, i dont remember. Excuse my french, but THIS BITCH GONE TEXT ME AND SAY WOW!!? I wanted to write back soo bad LMAO!!! but i had to think. Im dealing with one of God’s DIRECT children, no step child. Let me handle him with care. So i didnt respond. he said, but you shouldn’t feel bad, its okay. Im like I KNOW!!! and i DONT!! emoji3

VIRGIN? He asked was I a virgin.

Now usually when someone ask that question, or one like it, it’s because they are, RIGHT? WRONG!!! I asked him, and he said no. Now he have 2 strikes. He asked me do i have a bible app on my phone, then he asked me to read a bible verse. THE WHOLE BIBLE verse. I did, actually. But i didnt understand what this had to do with anything pertaining to him or I. It didnt. He just wanted to make me do something i feel, just so he could be in control. MEN!

now mind you, this is like day 2, LONGGGG day 2. He asked did my “EX” still contact me and if so, why?

BRUUHHHH. This day 2, learn my favorite color or my last name instead of trying to come in here and WRECK SHOP some shit. 

Now the next day I woke up with a side eye emoji face, but in real life. emoji1 Im already having second thoughts. To make matters worse he have the worse pick up lines. He told me he would wake up next to me then wake me up, Open my eyeLIDS WITH HIS FINGERS, AND LOOK AT MY EYEBALLS!!!


IM DONE at this point. I just stopped texting back. He called a million times. Finally i answered, this was my first time hearing how he sounds. HE HAD A THICK AS African accent. English was most def not his only language… like he lied about. btw

And thats cool that hes african, nothing wrong with that, but people dont understand that stereotypes comes from some type of facts along the way.

People think african men are controlling, CAUSE THEY ARE.

people think african men are aggressive, CAUSE THEY ARE.

people think african men are crazy, CAUSE THEY FREAKING ARE!!!!!!!

now the madness begins. he’d message me day after day, no response. 

Finally it was the okay well obviously you dont want to talk so it was nice knowing you… SWEET!!!!!!!

hasta la vista baby.jpeg

Hell Na, it aint that easy. He kept contacting me for a few weeks, no joke. What really did it was dude told me he wanted to commit suiccide.

Im like, damn, he going to hell if he kill his self. Na, is he serious? Should i reach out to someone to get him help?

Then this NIGGGGGAAAA, uploaded 2K17. smfh!!! He was not about to kill himslef before he got to play. such a damn liar

later, still texting me. then he said he Love me. Im like okay now he trippen.

Now its to the point that he is really crazy. I was trying not to piss him off because i saw on his page he was into, or went to school for some computer shit. Didnt want him hacking my life, NO SIRRR! I let everything ride.

BUT THEN TODAY. He said if you dont want to talk, let me know and i will leave you alone. Now, i responded and told him i want nothing to do with him. He responded and said

“Appreciate it…… 10/5/16”

and another message that followed…


I said I dont even know what today is. He said


I PICKED UP MY SHIT where I was, and hurry up and went home. lmaooooooo

Im like wth is my location turned off. Now i went on WECHAT and started a private message to see if anyone has had this problem with him or anyone. Low and behold, THEY DID! smfh I’ll upload screenshots so you guys can see I’m not lying.

Talk about fatal attraction, Shit.

Ladies, be careful what you ask for.



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