Guy 2- His trust issues come from Fuvking….

Have you ever had a on and off relationship? and on and off and on and off again? Naa, me either.

I’ve made many friends in my past, some good and some bad. Some females and some males. But its a few that stand out more than others. Lets Call this one Guy 2.   

Guy 2 is a moron. At first, he was a sweet heart. Nice, Kind, raised well, Wanted to be love and needed love-  Innocent- so i thought. But as time progressed, he got older and things changed. Hell, we got older. I have never understood why people do drugs until Guy 2 started to show his colors. What I mean in relation to the drugs is:

People may constantly do drugs, looking for the feeling they felt their first time getting high. They are reaching.

The guy 2? I kept talking to him over the years because I knew the person he was ONCE BEFORE. Let me say this again, ONCE BEFORE!!!! That is long gone. (please do not hold on to old memories)

He always would blame his craziness on other females, EXCUSES EXCUSES. I told him that I honestly believe that his trust issues comes from him cheating on his girl (No one knows about) and FUVKING another nigga’s BIT*H!

This, in the long run did nothing for me. We’ve talked time and time again, but its like I never wanted to admit that – That good person wasn’t the same, better yet he wasn’t there any more. As a woman, we go thru the most extreme situations on the hunt for love. WHICH SUCKS. Unfortunately,  it wasn’t until a bad situation worsened  between us, We stopped for good.

So Dear Guy 2, You do not have game. Please do not think that I’ve stayed in contract you because “You got it like that” WRONG. I contacted you, or at least responded,  because it was always convenient. It’s like you had a radar on my life, and would always know when I am pissed, traveling, in between brakes and everything,  you would contact me at the right time. Please do not continue to stay BIG headed. The only thing that I can say good about you, is you had potential. Potential for what? I don’t know. However I DO KNOW THAT YOUR ASS IS CRAZY!





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