No condom, no relationship?

I hear so many guys that they just “Talk” to girls. They will swear up and down, the girl is not their girlfriend but meanwhile they are banging her without protection. She a hoe? Oh okay. Then what are you? You don’t trust her with your money or even your passcode to you phone, but you trust her with your dixk?

What they have to understand is when you’re having sex with someone Raw (without a condom) you need to consider that’s a relationship. Just because you may feel you are protecting your ego by saying that’s not your girlfriend -to yourself and whoever… Sorry SHITface, It’s your girlfriend.

It’s like if you don’t think that high enough of her to give her that title, you need to use a condom.

I am nice, very nice. I treat every guy with some type of respect. But in the end, I still treat a hxe like a hxe. If I talk to a guy that gets around, I’m sweet and make them feel good cause that’s my job. But I’m not going to trust someone that I know is sneaky, that I know gets around, and that I know I can’t even flip over his phone TO CHECK THE TIME- with out him having a heart attack… I’m not going to trust them with my life. My life meaning I don’t put enough trust in them to where I will play Russian roulette and take the chance to get what they have- if any. I’ll just stick to gambling with money, not my kitty.

Come on now, I’m not perfect. We have all had our slip ups and mistakes. But I think in the end, something needs to come from that slip up besides a nut.

LETS BE REAL. Think. Think that if you really loved your life and realized your own self worth, you would be more cautious.

Mess with whoever you like. Talk, text, and even send pics if you want. (Everyone loves a good nude) But if you know someone’s true colors, don’t ignore them.

Do you feed a rat to a fish? No. You feet a rat to a snake and fish food to fish. Don’t give everyone the same privileges. 

Ive heard the craziest things from people. They would be quick to say they don’t care what the late night creep is doing. What I don’t get is, how you say you don’t care what a person is doing, when that person is doing you. Any person I’m having sex with without a condom, I want to know who else they having sex with (if any)

Favorite food, favorite color. Favorite sports team, favorite tv show and maybe even favorite place to get a hair cut. Shit. I even want to know what type of gas you put in your car.

If I don’t want to know what a person is doing and I don’t care, that’s only because I know whatever they doing won’t and CANT POSSIBLY affect me. Meaning if they get something, it’s not my problem.

Everyone gossips, but who all are going get checked?

You’re getting a STD check, but did you tell them test you for herpes too? Just cause you don’t have anything don’t mean you can continue on with the shenanigans. It means you were given another chance.

Don’t mess it up.

Yolo lil hoe


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